Quick Shine

from $150 / 1-2 hours

Take care your vehicle with soft wash mitt with thick foam, degrease door jams, and tires.
Force air, hand dry and put on premium wax/sealant that long lasting!

Clay Shine

from $200 / 2-3 hours

Includes Quick Shine plus:
Attention to wheel inner barrel and wheel well. Dedicated chemical to eliminate iron deposit and industry fallout from the paint surface ( see photo on the right ), then use clay bar to remove sticky deep dirt.

Enhance Shine

from $500 / 4-6 hours

Includes steps from Clay Shine plus:
machine polish to remove 70%-80% swirls. This is an OEM clean coat friendly process to further refine paint surface and enhance gloss!

Ceramic Shine

from $795 / 6-8 hours

The most paint protection service we could offer to your vehicle! Shield your car from tree sap, weather erosion, UV A/B, and bird dropping…etc.
Various length available: 3, and 5-years.

For more detail, please visit here.


Interior Shine

from $130.00 / 1-2 hours

A quick vacuuming on the interior (except trunk space), remove floor mat for a thorough cleaning and protect. Wipe-down dirt arounds dash, console and touch surfaces. Clean windows.

Steam Shine

from $250 / 2-4 hours

Includes Interior Shine plus:
Vacuum trunk space, deep clean upholstery, dash, carpet, and floor mats. Steam clean entire interior of the vehicle. Also sanitize all interior parts and apply a layer of protection.

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