Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

What exactly is Ceramic Coating? What it actually does to your vehicle’s paint? And more importantly is, do you need one?

Ceramic Coating is a form of liquid polymer that is apply to the exterior of your vehicle. And it chemically bonds with clean coat, to create a strong protection barrier. Shield your vehicle from tree sap, weather erosion, UV A/B, and bird dropping…etc.

But do you need one?
This is one of the best protection for your vehicle to enhance shine and gloss and like to maintain it regularly, then Yes. Washing a ceramic coated vehicle is a breeze, you will find yourself washing the vehicle with significantly shorter amount of time, hence more time for yourself and what’s also important in your life.

Instead, if you think ceramic coating could prevent scratches, swirls marks or rock chips, then No. A coated vehicle will not be completely resistant to the risk of rock chips or scratches.

If you have any other questions about ceramic coating, feel free to contact us.

Start protect your vehicle today with our Ceramic Shine package!

Ceramic Shine Package

Starting from $795 / 6-8+ hours

The most paint protection service we could offer to your vehicle! Shield your car from tree sap, weather erosion, UV A/B, and bird dropping…etc.
Prices include all paint prep, decontamination, light polish and application of the ceramic coating.

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